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Dual Carrier API is now available on Mondial Relay

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    Alexandre Debusschère

It is available now ! The Mondial Relay Max carrier module is now compatible with Dual Carrier API to generate labels.

The latest minor version of the module (1.2.0) has been optimized to easily allow new features, like Dual Carrier authentication, via extensions. By extension, we mean adding a new module on PrestaShop that will add new features to the Mondial Relay module.

For Dual Carrier API, we simply created a really simple new module Mondial Relay Dual Carrier, consisting of a single configuration page to fill your API credentials, that's all. Once the module is installed and the configuration filled, the Mondial Relay Max module will use classes and credentials in Mondial Relay Dual Carrier module to generate the labels.

If you're interested, contact our support via PrestaShop Addons, and we will send you the updates.